Sage Pro ERP, formally SBT Pro Series, has been around since the dark ages and has had several permutations over the years.  Originally a FoxPro product, it has followed the path of FoxPro into Microsoft’s Visual Fox.

The advantage of using Sage Pro ERP is that it is Open Source and, using a savvy Fox programmer, can be modified, added to and more.

Unfortunately, because of the ability to customize this suite of programs, many users have not kept their versions up to date.  Sometimes the cost is just too prohibitive as all the customization needs to be updated as well.

In comes DBS or Dimensional Business Solutions.  If you are running an older version of SBT or Pro ERP and do not have a solution provider at hand, you can have major problems with data corruption on your system.  Many times this can be resolved by instituting better processes for running SBT but in some cases requires someone with FoxPro experience to rebuild the files.

We can help!

We have had over 20 years experience working with the SBT Pro Series/Pro ERP and can assist you in keeping your program running.

Feel free to call or Skype us to find out more information on how we can help.